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SPN 6.04:

I enjoyed this ep, despite the fact that I haven't really enjoyed Bobby for over a year. It was great to see Rufus, he really made half the ep for me and should definitely be brought back (prefer this X-alumni much over Pileggi).

Both the women, friendly neighbour and no-nonsense sherrif where awesome. They could have turned the sherrif easily to hunting, having lost her son and husband to the Supernatural, but I don't know if it's a lost opportunity. Perhaps it's good to show that not all people are overtaken by a quest for revenge. Although, knowing what's out there now, I wonder if she ever asks Bobby how to protect herself and others from ghosties and ghoulies, and how to read the signs of something weird happening? She was at least willing to risk her job to help Bobby with covering up and helping save his soul (even if she didn't know it was exactly that).

I better see Garth in an upcoming episode! That little exchange was fun. Crowley as the king of hell, having the same difficulty as Castiel in heaven: Precious! Love Crowley, who has an awesome presence. If they spin things right (and let Ben Englund write every episode this year), he could be an awesome villain. Or at least the lead in to an awesome villain/event, when he uses the monstermania for his own advances?

Because I'm a critical person here's my grumpy parts:

* What's with killing another possessed meatsuit? At least give us a hint that the person inside is already dead, so that an exorcism wouldn't make sense. Otherwise, that poor girl.

* When Bobby has been whining for a full year about his legs when the whole world was ending (and Dean just spent 40 years in hell), and when Dean has told Bobby how much he appreciates Bobby multiple times ("You're like a father to me", and I hear "Thanks Bobby" often enough), and when Dean and Sam came to save Bobby in "Dream a Little Dream of Me" when Bobby's hunt went sour and Dean's deal was due in a few months (not 9 years), and the boys saved Bobby's life several times over the years (The witnesses, The twin ghost girls, zombie wife, Dean exchanging 50 years of his life to win Bobby's back (and Sam following suit) all pop to mind), then I wonder how it is that he feels the boys don't appreciate him. Methinks the writers glorify in making Bobby "ornery" to such and extent that they forget we're still supposed to sympathise with him occasionally. And I get that Bobby's life is hard and hunting the supernatural and researching takes a lot of time, but so it does to the people hunting, who don't even get to have a home and are risking their lives, and it's Bobby's own choice to do as he does, no one elses. I thought he was doing it to save the victims, not to "help the boys" and that his reward should be a pat on the back. He comes off whinier than the people he accuses.

* Anyway, the phone exchange with Dean read hella awkward. It makes no sense for Dean to be having intimate phone calls with Bobby about Sam, when Bobby has been seeing Sam for a year and was in cahoots with him in keeping Dean in the dark. It would make a lot more sense for Bobby to call Dean to ask him if he thinks Sam's different, because Bobby noticed it over the last year.

* Bobby, Hunter Central, had never heard of the Campbells before? Does he even know about them now that Sam is consorting with them? Or had he just never connected them to Mary and John Winchester?

* It's a bit weird that Crowley, a 4-hundred year old Scotsman is King of all Hell. Aren't their demons that are older around? I don't know, Dzenghis Khan or Caligula. Anyone? And did they torture his Scottish accent out of him in the pit and turned it English? That's real evil...

But really, I liked the ep. It made me laugh a few times. These writers also wrote "Yellow Fever". Though they should really be shot for that, I guess we're past that now. ;)


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