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It’s one of those weeks: I’ve just been feeling half-asleep, apathetic, can’t concentrate on my work. This morning I arrived and I noticed 10 mins after walking into the office that half my dress was still undone at the front! Chrissakes. Luckily I was wearing a shirt underneath and a big scarf over it, and everyone was focussed on their compscreen so hopefully no one noticed! I just felt like O_o. How can you not check if your dress is done up?!

I need a holiday!

I just came back from a holiday, so go figure. But work before was really hectic: In the last month I travelled first to a conference in Glasgow which was rewarding but quite stressful, and was in Frankfurt right after for the Book Fair. Meanwhile of course production was piling up on my desk, so I was up into it when I returned, when barely two weeks later I left for an impromptu last-minute 5 days city trip to Madrid with the boyfriend to celebrate his last free days before going back to work after a long illness that cost him a job. I worked myself silly getting everything done beforehand and went back to work the day after I got back from Spain. That’s where I’m now, once again up to my neck in work. Those 5 days don’t really disconnect you, and though Madrid was gorgeous and sunny and wonderful and beautiful (why doesn’t everyone go there, like omg?!), I think I need a few days off to stay at home, so I can actually relax and read and write a little, get grounded. The thing is that because I feel so tired, my work is suffering, and because my work is suffering, I feel I can’t take time off. Which makes me feel stuck. Really I can’t complain because I’ve been all over Europe this month and should feel gratified. Which I do. I just want some me-time now. Me me me. Cuddle the kitties. Sleep in. Take long hot showers. Read fanfic, maybe write up some prompts. Don’t think of work and deadlines for a bit, ya know. /whinging

I did get a chance to watch SPN 6x06 of course! Third episode in a row which I really enjoyed (Angst, yeah, bring it on!). Maybe the show really has recovered from S5 sucktitude? Looking forward to more more more again.

Yesterday I watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. The movie was pretty formulaic in storyline, but I’ve always had a thing for Greek Mythology so I enjoyed the creativity in fitting the old stories into a modern wrapper, and have an affinity to young heroes discovering their ability. So now I’m wondering if I should maybe read the books. Are they worth reading (like HP was) or are they written exclusively to a younger audience?

PS. 2 days until I get Towers of Midnight in the mail!! W0000000T!

Date: 2010-11-03 12:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, I laughed about your story about your dress. I've done similar things many times. I once wore two different shoes to work (they were similar styles but different colors) not once, but twice. It's so embarrassing but usually nobody notices because they are worrying about themselves.

I agree with you about season 6 - I think the show has finally hit its stride this season.

Date: 2010-11-03 04:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad that made you laugh. :) Never had 2 different shoes on before, but certainly I've walked around with shirts and dresses inside out or backwards, open zippers, toilet paper on shoe once, the broken heel clip-clop, and of course le holey pantyhose (but which girl hasn't?).

My biggest faux-passes...isses...esesses... embarrassing moments actually are written up here: Yah.


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