SPN 6.09

Nov. 20th, 2010 03:51 pm
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I had high hopes for this episode, because I usually love Edlund's episodes (he'll always be my hero for Angel's "Smile Time" and "Monster Movie"), but that. Was just so BORING.

Maybe there were 2 moments that made me chuckle. Mostly, I just kept waiting for something that never happened.

It was ridiculous to see Dean scurrying away from the homeless fairy dude all scared like. Even if the fairy was a muderous red cap, Dean sure didn't know that, and it was just grating seeing BAMF Dean who carries weapons and hacks up monsters on a weekly basis running away looking afraid of a little guy, I don't care he jumped him later (though he got the wrong guy), it was just plain out of character. He should have been looking determined or bad ass. I guess I should just count it as another moment of camera mugging and overplay that so often happens in the SPN comedy eps, like Yellow Fever's stupid cat scream or yorkie run. I hate that though. The comedy works so much better when the guys play it straight. Mostly it makes me wish again, like in Season 2, that SPN wouldn't do comedy and just keep to drama with great and occasionally hilarious dialogue.

It was never explained why the fairies took Dean or what they did to him. What was the point? Whyyyy? There have been dozens of fic that have handled fairy abduction better than this crap.

I liked the leprechaun having to count the salt grains. Good use of lore on that one. That's all. Sam was sort of funny on the phone when Dean was being chased and Jared plays his carelessness great, but eh. It's getting repetitive aready.

Not a win for me.
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