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Stupornatural: Hah!

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So I come back from a week's holiday on the wonderful warm Greek Isles, to a stormy, rain-soaked, cold and wintery home. Way to go, Holland, you fickle bastard.

I read two good books the past week (lounging on the beach, listening to the surf, basking in the heat... sigh), both about a period of time in English history that I find fascinating: "The Suspicions of Mr Whicher or the Murder at Road Hill House" by Kate Summerscale, which managed to put forth an atmospheric casefile of one of 19th Century England's most illustrous murders, very Gothic in its subject but factually dealt with; and the great "Wolf Hall" by Hilary Mantel, which details the rise (and rise) of Thomas Cromwell during the reign of Henry VIII.

Especially "Wolf Hall" was an excellent read; I cannot wait to get the sequel in hand whenever it finishes. She makes Cromwell's story in a time of great change and turmoil a fascinating read and his character is extremely sympathetic. I had to refresh my memory as to how the story will end and who fit exactly where (it almost felt like I was "spoiling" myself by refreshing myself to the data - how can you spoil yourself to history?! - but marks that the story was compelling. As an English grad I should be ashamed by what I've forgotten by the way).

This lead to me getting on Wikipedia and surfing through the pages, from Cromwell to Thomas More, to Hans Holbein, to Henry's six wives, to the reformation, to the royal line, to wondering about "what is this sweating sickness?", to Hantavirus, to cell pathology, to reading the details of Ebola virus. Yay Wiki dissemination. How I love thee.
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Just met a guy named Dexter Morgan. Hee! Good thing I keep my diabolical past under wraps! ;)


Jul. 6th, 2010 06:31 pm
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This in the honour of the match that the entire country will be watching tonight, except for me (cause I'm a geek and I will go to the cinema instead).

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I have finally finished Lost! I waited until the finale in the US had aired, then got all the episodes and I just spent this past sleep-deprived week watching season 6 in one hell of a frenzied marathon.

The finale left me a wreck… but in a good way. I thank my stars that Lost didn’t let me down! Six years and I was so worried about the wrap-up, but though many answers were left unanswered and many turns were taken that I didn’t expect, I loved the way the finish was reached. Luckily for me, my investment was repaid. It also didn’t hurt that most episodes were so well planned out, the storyline moved forward at a break-neck speed and left me on the edge of my seat, everything was incredibly well acted by all involved, and the dramatic scenes were heart-wrenching. A roller coaster ride of emotion.

I have a LOT to say. My write-up, obviously contains spoilers for the final season )

So yeah, that’s the way to end a series! Dayum!
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I just had to clean kitty projectile vomit off the carpet because apparently the fat bastard snacked on snails. I found whole effing snails in there.

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This weekend I saw I Love You, Philip Morris. It was both sad and funny (there was one scene that just cracked me up) with a great cast (Jim Carrey really does his best, love him or hate him. Ewan McGregor was charming!). Hard to believe that this is a true story, but it goes to show how the system can be conned and how inventive people can be (not necessarily in a good way, but certainly in an entertaining one!).

It’s quite refreshing to see a movie that has a gay main character where the subject of the film isn’t solely about being gay.

I recommend it.

Swan Song

May. 15th, 2010 07:15 pm
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So, I did cry at the end of Supernatural's finale, first, because I care about the boys and what happens to them, and second, because I was at the same time really disappointed. At times like these, I flee to TWOP because I know the people there will pull no punches and can validate my regret over what could have been and what we got instead. I'm posting my episode reaction below.

If you loved the episode and have no issue with it, you might not want me to harsh your squee. I really really wish I could squee along.

Just to be clear: I love this show. I love the boys. I’ve loved every season finale so far. I will be back for more next season. )

Thank god for fanfic.
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A nice analysis of the Dean/Lisa scene at the of 5.17 here:

I really enjoyed both the ep and that scene, which I thought was very sweet, and have a response in relation to this ep that I left elsewhere copied here )
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Through The Scholarly Kitchen:

"Recently, two topics — the Big Bang and evolution — were excised by the National Science Board (NSB) from a National Science Foundation (NSF) report of attitudes and practices around science education in America. The change was made at the last minute, after the White House had approved a draft containing the sections that were later eliminated. Science broke the story about the controversy in its news section."

This led me to read the part of the study that had been removed, and I think the result is shocking:

"...only 39% of Americans say they believe in the theory of evolution, 25% say they do not believe in this theory, and 36% do not have an opinion on this subject either way".

"In response to another group of questions on evolution asked by Gallup in 2008, 43% of Americans agreed with the statement that “God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so...”

"These views on the origin of human beings have remained virtually unchanged in nine surveys since the questions were first asked in 1982..."

Creationism is beating basic, proven science. Wow. I mean, just wow. I don't think I even know someone who believes in creationism in real life. No wonder basic equal rights like gay marriage can't get through if so many people believe in the biblical fictions. 10,000 years indeed.


Apr. 13th, 2010 04:38 pm
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Damn, I'm so excited by the next (and 100th!) episode of Supernatural, that I've completely and utterly spoiled myself. I hate my greedy, rotten excuse for self-control. And I'm usually so good at it too.

Still though, I wouldn't have thought that I'd be back to being so invested after the lousy start the show had this year (wanted to burn my eyes out at Paris Hilton), but these recent eppy's, with the Dean angst, and the drama, and the depressing dark arc, and the hopelessness, and finally some Castiel, I'm lapping it up.

Is it friday yet?! [yes, friday :(]
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How not to do PR (or not get caught lying!) and why you shouldn't believe everything you read in the press, via Badscience: (*)
That shit is hilarious.

I know it's been out a while, but I loved the Bad Science book (very much related to my profession of academic publishing in medical science), and would recommend it to anyone. Learning to understand the press and when to step back from it (the MMR scare and fish oil "trial" being wonderful examples of this), and understanding the true nature of homeopathy, as well as the horror of how AIDS is handled in South Africa are some of the topics tackled in the book, and it left a big impression on me. I can only commend Ben Goldacre for trying to get the truth out. And I do believe that's all he wants to do.

Read the book/blog and make up your own mind (and learn if you're getting scammed by "medical doctors"). I doubt you'll be sorry.

(* lazy tagging because I'm lazy)
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Well, I doub't I'll be able to make my flight tomorrow! Wow, capital SNOW.

More SNOW behind the cut )
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I am now travelling in the US, meeting some of my editors (I am in Cleveland at the moment, which leaves me unimpressed after sunny California, and will move on tomorrow to Baltimore), and

1. I lost my friggin' cell somewhere! I am so naked without it... :(

2. After days of salads, I tried to be a little Americana tonight and ordered meatloaf at a grille (never had meatloaf before). I received a plate with more meat than any person should or could ever rightfully eat in one meal (so I left most of it to stare at me). Also, it was bland. Good fries and vegs though. I am constantly amazed by the size of meals, and the fact that people seem to be eating burgers and fries for breakfast without any shame at all! I know that's not average, but wow. Today in the bus a huuuge woman wearing sweatpants and an unlit cig in her hands randomly asked me to give her money. I just kind of went "I'm foreign, whut?" and moved away.

3. I would move to San Francisco/Cali if I could. The climate... how do people get anything done? Mmmm.

4. No Supernatural tomorrow because I have a business dinner that will likely run beyond 9. Boo.
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I'm in the States for a conference, and tonight I'm going to see Supernatural live for the first time ever! *w00t!*
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer, and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it.

Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.

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Finally saw Avatar (3D). I don't care if the story was predictable (it doesn't have to matter if it's told well); I thought it was pretty awesome! I think I might have to go see that again, and that hasn't happened to me since LotR: RoT. First up, though, Sherlock Holmes this weekend!

In other news: pics!

Evolution of Jack, from 1 hour to 7 months old. They grow up so fast *wipes tear*. In fact, it is time to call the vet and de-man the little bastard.

Going out into the snow for the first time the week before Christmas, Jack is not proving himself to be da man, however. He only wants to be let back in! (oh, the poofy tail)

More pics behind this cut )
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These video's are adorable! And obviously the guy has cats.

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Happy 2010!

So, I just checked my lj and this year I have only posted 12 times. One post a month... I guess it's been a busy year, and when I'm online, I'm more prone to read-read-read, then write anything. My new year's resolution is to write a bit more fic, if only drabbles, and to comment and post a little more on lj.

I'll see next year if any of that actually happens. For now, I just want to send best wishes to anyone who might still notice a little posting of mine. :) I'll continue to try to let those of you who DO get their act together and post fic know how much I appreciate it!

Me, now that the holidays are over, I am so looking forward to summer (I hate the cold). Wishing you all a little summer in your life!

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Hee! Discovered Flash Mobs. Love it when a good plan comes together! :)

My absolute favourite:


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