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In which I randomly blather on and on about my (disappointing?) TV today: House, Smallville, Heroes, Greys, Lost & Supernatural

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Sep. 12th, 2007 02:28 pm
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I've been watching Smallville this summer - the whole thing, season 1 to 6. Yay for illegal downloading.

I really like this show (I wouldn't go through 6 seasons if I didn't, of course). It's what one might call "craptastic". It is sometimes extremely hoky and simplistic, with storylines that never move beyond predictable, but it has drama, angst, h/c, superheroes and hoyay to keep me very happy. I've turned into a big Clark fan (since Superman Returns really, though I can't seem to get through the original movies and have no intention to pick up the comics), and I adore Chloe and Lex. I hate Lana with the passion of a thousand fiery suns and was tired of her long before the end of season 1 (in fact, she was firmly cemented as a MS by ep 1). At the end of that season they showed us how cute, pretty and relaxed Chlark would be as opposed to the whinging, soul-sucking Clana, so naturally they've put a stop to the Chlark and have dragged out the Clana for over six season (soon to enter its seventh).

Season 5 would have been perfect to end the Clana once and for all and have Clark gradually move on, realising that Lana just isn't right for him or his destiny ( ending the yawn-worthy ferris wheel of Secrets... and LIES!!), and perhaps season 6 could've been the one season of payoff for Chlark, which could actually have been (at least romantically) a pretty good year for Clark, and us fans, by giving him a love that is built on friendship, trust and loyalty - plus hotness of course (gosh, sound familiar HP fandom?). I don't care if they would have killed off Chloe at the end, but it would have been great; especially if they'd opposed that relationship with a Lexana in which Lana too would have become so anti-meteorfreak/alien that she'd really join Lex in the "end justify the means" warfare against a possible alien invasion. She would've had plenty of reason to be so after the 67 attempts at her life by freaks/kryptonians and would have been much more interestingly evil (like Lex believing that what he is doing is all for the good of mankind and democracy , no matter the (moral) cost). Alas, it was not to be. Now it just seems that they keep Chlark off the radar because they know Clana would never measure up to that fit, and Lana was once again a poow wittle martyr in her relationship with big, bad Lex. I'm soooo over Clark moping over boring, bland Blahna and her neverending whine. A little progression would be well served.

And Lois? Why did they pick Erica Durance? Sure, the woman is fit, but she looks like she belongs on Baywatch and they don't even try to tone it down. How is one to take her seriously with Chloe there to contrast her? I mean, seriously? I wish TV could actually go for a great theory like Chlois (Chloe = Lois), but that's never going to happen. Cool, fascinating theories never pan out in "craptastic" shows or books.

But I'm sticking around because Tom Welling is very, very pretty, Clark is very, very angsty, Kryptonite is everywhere, and Chloe has survived six seasons so far.

I'm going on holiday for three weeks this friday, and when I get back, I'll have eps 1 and 2 of all my shows ready for download. Smallville will be good because the double, cliffhanger finale/premiere episodes are generally pretty great.

But I really can't wait to see what Heroes is going to do.


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