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So I finally got a moment to watch the premiere last night and there be spoilers behind the cut )
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Stupornatural: Hah!

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Disclaimer: Not mine, and probably just as well, as I have no series budget
Rating: Some language. They’re boys.
Characters: Sam, Dean
Spoilers: None
Genre: (Supposedly) humor, some hurt!Dean
Summary: Sam needs to find alternative means of transport when the Impala is out of commission. Not Dean approved.
Author comments: No idea if a similar fic has been written before (though it probably has, with a fandom this prolific), but if so, I haven’t gotten across it so far.

Fic: Four Flat Tires )
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So much has already been said about the SPN premiere that I don’t really think I have much to add. For what it’s worth, I loved it and have seen it 3 times so far. Loved it! :)

Spoilers for this ep )

Oh yeah, I saw the premieres of House and Smallville too. House’s was boring. Dunno why I bothered. Smallville… eh. Did Lois really prance around in a French maid’s outfit and say “Oui. Oui.”? Oy. I do not understand why this show racks in more viewers than SPN even if I do eventually watch it myself (though the margin is decreasing?). Just. Do. Not. Understand.
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So I roam the interwebz with stealth, trying to keep away from SPN spoilers best I can (and definitely failing at certain points) and anxiously awaiting episode 1. This summer has flown by. Maybe because I had a bit of a taste of my own roadtrip through the States (New England). :)

I have immersed myself with fic, and there's still so much more out there. Damn, this fandom is prolific!

I wish I actually had something to say, but I'm off to... read more fic? Mmm, weekend.

Is it next week yet plskthx?


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