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Nov. 24th, 2010 04:35 pm
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Wow, the venom in the comments to this (mildly spoilery) interview with Sera Gamble:

Entertainment Weekly

But I'm fast losing interest in this season after the past 3 eps and the next one doesn't look too great either, so I don't know that it's undeserved. Many of the complaints are ones I'm cultivating myself... C'mon show.
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It’s one of those weeks: I’ve just been feeling half-asleep, apathetic, can’t concentrate on my work. This morning I arrived and I noticed 10 mins after walking into the office that half my dress was still undone at the front! Chrissakes. Luckily I was wearing a shirt underneath and a big scarf over it, and everyone was focussed on their compscreen so hopefully no one noticed! I just felt like O_o. How can you not check if your dress is done up?!

I need a holiday!

Here's me sparing you my further whinging )

I did get a chance to watch SPN 6x06 of course! Third episode in a row which I really enjoyed (Angst, yeah, bring it on!). Maybe the show really has recovered from S5 sucktitude? Looking forward to more more more again.

Yesterday I watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. The movie was pretty formulaic in storyline, but I’ve always had a thing for Greek Mythology so I enjoyed the creativity in fitting the old stories into a modern wrapper, and have an affinity to young heroes discovering their ability. So now I’m wondering if I should maybe read the books. Are they worth reading (like HP was) or are they written exclusively to a younger audience?

PS. 2 days until I get Towers of Midnight in the mail!! W0000000T!
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Ep 6x05

That was awesome! )
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So I finally got a moment to watch the premiere last night and there be spoilers behind the cut )
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So Season 5 left me completely "meh" and a little pissed off, but now Season 6 is starting and I'm willing to start with a, maybe not so clean, but at least partially wiped, slate.

In other words, the trailer leaves me excited! :D

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Title: Telling the Difference
Disclaimer: These boys are not belong to me.
Spoilers: None
Category: h/c
Rating: PG
Words: 823
Characters: Dean, Sam
Summary: Written for "A Sneezy-SPN-Boys Comment Fic Meme" over at madserver's lj.
Prompt: Sam can always tell when Dean's getting sick by the way his sneezes sound. (ie louder, more desperate, more itchy). Dean's getting sick and doesn't realize it - but Sam does. Because Sam can hear the difference. Maybe Sam keeps it to himself and just stocks up on the NyQuil? Or does he tell Dean, and Dean's all like "What you talkin 'bout, Sammy? Pfft. No." And then Sam's all like "told you so!" every time he fills up Dean's water glass because Dean can't get out of bed.

Dean’s muffled sneeze and the slight swerve of the car wake Sam up. )
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Title: Underground
Disclaimer: These boys are not belong to me
Category: h/c
Words: 1,746
Characters: Dean, Sam
Rating: PG, language
Summary: Written for Hoodietime's third h/c meme
Prompt: Dark, enclosed space, maybe underground. Slimy walls. Possible creepy-crawlies. Rising water. Trapped Dean.

Read more... )
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Title: Birthday Cake
Disclaimer: These boys are not belong to me.
Spoilers: Set in late season 4, but undefined
Category: h/c
Rating: PG
Words: 1,655
Characters: Dean, Sam
Summary: In a fever's delirium, Dean is sure it's Sam's birthday and goes looking for a gift.
Author's note: At home sick, filling the time. Just happy to be writing anything.

Read more... )
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Stupornatural: Hah!

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A nice analysis of the Dean/Lisa scene at the of 5.17 here:


I really enjoyed both the ep and that scene, which I thought was very sweet, and have a response in relation to this ep that I left elsewhere copied here )


Nov. 6th, 2008 11:21 am
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I just returned from a 3 week holiday in Costa Rica-Nicaragua-Panama. Have spent the last days acclimatising to COLD weather, though am now plenty used to rain (at one point, it rained for 6 days. 6 DAYS STRAIGHT! That means it NEVER STOPPED. Not even a bit. And I live in a very rainy country so am used to something). Luckily the last 2 weeks had generally good weather, so we ended on a good note.

I got to watch the past 4 eps of SPN back-to-back, which is always fun.

My rundown of the eps: )

I need a humorous icon. *ponders*
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OhmygodIsuckIscoulndn'thelpmyselfandsawthepromopicsforepisode1 here andspoileredmyselfagain.

I suck.

Now this I don't get (and I link a Dutch site because the English is down due to massive traffic, so if you want to see the pics you can see some here): Apparently some guys are going to go public with a bigfoot body tomorrow (oh my god so cool though it will be a scrurvy bear or a movie hoax), and this bigfoot site that I found says:

"Preliminary photos show something gorilla like; but this is NOT the body of the North American Sasquatch... more like a misidentification?"

I can't believe it. They find your Bigfoot and apparently they bring DNA, and you say, weeellll naaaahh!

Go with it people. The truth is out there.

ETA: In the form of a Gorilla suit. Bwah!
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You know you've grown up when you stop thinking "Mmm, pasta and cheese", and go "Mmm, pasta and cheese... Wait a minute, I can't eat just pasta and cheese. There's no vegetables in pasta and cheese. Where the hell can I get tomatoes and leek at this hour?" instead.

At BuddyTV here (non-spoiler version apparently) they say about s4 of SPN:

I'd like to see season 4 come to an end with the big war we've been promised. The writers can figure out exactly what to show us, but I think it'd be interesting if the war happened and season 5 was all about the aftermath. Maybe the final season could even be set in a post-apocalyptic landscape. That'd not only be dark and fascinating, but it'd certainly be cheap to pull off.

I could not disagree more. I thought Buffy was already walking a line when the whole school and basically the entire population of Sunnydale knew about their demon infestation, but when in season 7 slayers rose across the world and Sunnydale sunk into an apocalyptic hole, I thought they took it too far and made the Buffyverse too open.

I'd want hunting to stay an underground thing and not actually involve the whole world, or even too many people. I like that it's a fight that takes place behind the scenes, that our heroes are ones that will likely never be recognised, and that they are one of a kind. As long as the supernatural is not explicit, its easier to imagine that this hidden world actually exists somewhere. Post-apocalyptic landscape, how much more involved can the world get? I'd prefer [demon-ghost-monster]-guerilla warfare. You know, the whole the threat you cannot see is scarier than the one you can.

But I agree on wanting Ellen, Jo and Ash. I was sorry we never saw any of them in season 3, and I for one would like to see any of them again (Especially Ellen, but even Jo, who never bothered me and who is obviously not love-interest material, though Dean ought to feel free to bang her if they both like. He needs more action, frankly). I like continuity that way.
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Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. I've caved and read a few, it's so damn hard to keep myself from not looking. But afterwards I'm always sorry I spoiled myself: I'll never know my true reaction to seeing it first on screen. Worst mistake was watching the 5 min opener for season 4... but I was just so anxious to find out! From now on, the door is closed and locked and barricaded.

I was writing a tag to DalDoM, then watched the ep again just now to see if I was following the right timeline. Of course, I screwed it up and will have to re-write the whole thing. Dammit.

Have some eyecandy:

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So, I'm posting my first SPN fic. I actually wanted to write a "Five Times Dean..." fic to get a feel of different situations, but ended up with only four, and one con. I might add to it later and create no. 5, but I'm going on holiday tonight and I wanted to get this out of my system and at least on my lj before I left (finished business sort of feeling, know what I mean?).

Anyways, my lj doesn't really get any traffic, but if anyone does happen to give this a read, I'd be happy to hear any comment, even if its just a spelling error. I've been out of the writing game for quite a while, and am feeling veeery rusty.

Like I said, I'm off for a week (to the Greek islands for some much deserved rest and relaxation I hope) so if I don't respond right away, that's why. But I doubt SPNers will find themselves here: I'll give ffnet a try on my return.

Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke and the WB/CW, I’m just playing with ‘em
Spoilers: Up to Season 3 (no specific spoilers, just Dean’s deal)
Rating: PG for some bad language
Characters: Dean, Sam, John
Summary: Four times Dean wasn’t hungry (and one time he was)

FIC: Four Times Dean Wasn't Hungry (And One Time He Was) )
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From tvguide.com:

Kripke: "…And our Season 4 budget is even smaller than our Season 3 budget. Therefore, we'll be employing all kinds of tricks next year — the war will be smaller, more contained, underground, more guerrilla-style. I actually think it'll improve the show. Looking back over Season 3, the spectacle and size is never as interesting as the episodes that focus on the brothers. I think we probably got a little too distracted at times. So in Season 4, there will still be the war, but we'll be presenting it in our scruffy, angsty, Supernatural way, and we'll return to concentrating on the relationships and the characters."

Oh, that sounds so much better.

Sucks about the budget though, but I much, much prefer guerrilla-style underground demon/ghost-hunting than full-scale, grand warfare. I like the Supernatural world to be contained. Also, characterisation and the brothers’ relationship is where it’s at.

Am very much looking forward to Thursday’s ep! *bounce*


Apr. 3rd, 2008 02:15 pm
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Quotes taken from a report on Kripke’s session at the LA con from SF Universe.

He was asked about why Dean keeps dying on the show and his answer was giving in that way he has of being both flip and sincere at the same time: “In a show about brothers who will die for each other. . . sometimes they do!”

Heh, I have no problem with this. Bring on the angst! :)

I’m one of the people who hopes Dean will actually go to hell. Sounds like Kripke might be up for it (willingness of brothers to die, though please don’t pull a reverse and kill off Sam again. I want Dean’s deal to pay off – he made it willingly after all).

(Actually, my favourite storyline would be Dean going to hell, but his body staying behind to be possessed – alive for him to be able to get back into it once he crawls out of hell. Sam can be dealing with a demon in his brother’s meatsuit, and Jensen will get to play evil which I’d love to see again. “Dean” would still be around, while Dean actually is in hell, which we don’t really need to see (just the repercussions of it). Not that I’d want this storyline to drag all season (2 eps or so would do), and Dean could come back from hell with useful intel and fresh new issues! (yes, I like the angst, but I also like the relevance). How they get Dean back… I’m hoping it will be good!)

I’m probably miles off, but I am mighty curious in where the show will be willing to go.

Kripke also confirmed that he’s still planning to pull the plug after season five so the show can go out on a proper finale. “Season six would be the boys go to Hawaii and meet Vincent Price and then Dean would get on a motorcycle and literally jump a shark.”

Aw, really? Only two years to go? *pouts*

…I’d watch Dean jump a shark (… double entendre makes that sentence disturbing :( …)

I’m sure a storyline should be able to be found for further seasons. Hell, all the fic out there proves there are thousands of stories to tell, great mytharcs that could be created, characterisations to explore. I don’t mean that Supernatural should necessarily go beyond season 5 per say, or that I won’t be happy to get 5, but just that Kripke’s comment on jumping the shark seems to be selling the show’s potential short. Hell, the jump could happen next episode if the writing is crappy (it almost did with Bela, right?). But it could also happen season 9. It all depends on how good the story telling is. If the network is willing to pay (and still exists), the fans are still there, the actors are still in, and the writers still creative, then why shouldn’t SPN have a season 6?

But to repeat, I will be happy with at least 5.

I’m worried about this: discussion on TWOP about what Kripke has apparently said about the show's (possible?) ending.

Did Kripke really say somewhere he wouldn’t end the series happy? But…:

“I want to make you guys happy,” he proclaimed. “But you’re never happy. It’s so quixotic!”

(That's adorable, by the way)

If you wanna make me happy, Mr Kripke, then please give the boys a happy ending. Why end us on a low note… this is my TV-time where I want to get away from everyday life. If it’s the end anyway, at least give it a satisfying finish, not one where we have to pull out our hair or mourn the uselessness of the boys fight because they can never win, or can never have satisfaction or be rewarded for their sacrifices. I don’t mean picture perfect or necessarily shiny happy (hell, I liked the Angel finale), but I don’t see the point of a depressingly bad or ironic outcome just for the sake of being contrary. I want them to go out winning… that’s real too.


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