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Adding my review for Glee 3.03.

Asian F )
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It’s one of those weeks: I’ve just been feeling half-asleep, apathetic, can’t concentrate on my work. This morning I arrived and I noticed 10 mins after walking into the office that half my dress was still undone at the front! Chrissakes. Luckily I was wearing a shirt underneath and a big scarf over it, and everyone was focussed on their compscreen so hopefully no one noticed! I just felt like O_o. How can you not check if your dress is done up?!

I need a holiday!

Here's me sparing you my further whinging )

I did get a chance to watch SPN 6x06 of course! Third episode in a row which I really enjoyed (Angst, yeah, bring it on!). Maybe the show really has recovered from S5 sucktitude? Looking forward to more more more again.

Yesterday I watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. The movie was pretty formulaic in storyline, but I’ve always had a thing for Greek Mythology so I enjoyed the creativity in fitting the old stories into a modern wrapper, and have an affinity to young heroes discovering their ability. So now I’m wondering if I should maybe read the books. Are they worth reading (like HP was) or are they written exclusively to a younger audience?

PS. 2 days until I get Towers of Midnight in the mail!! W0000000T!
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Ep 6x05

That was awesome! )
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So I finally got a moment to watch the premiere last night and there be spoilers behind the cut )


Nov. 6th, 2008 11:21 am
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I just returned from a 3 week holiday in Costa Rica-Nicaragua-Panama. Have spent the last days acclimatising to COLD weather, though am now plenty used to rain (at one point, it rained for 6 days. 6 DAYS STRAIGHT! That means it NEVER STOPPED. Not even a bit. And I live in a very rainy country so am used to something). Luckily the last 2 weeks had generally good weather, so we ended on a good note.

I got to watch the past 4 eps of SPN back-to-back, which is always fun.

My rundown of the eps: )

I need a humorous icon. *ponders*
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